Wedding/Event Services

Wedding and Event Planning

Let me Knot is a place where you can come to discuss any event or wedding needs with the in house consultant, Sarah Kalnay-Watson, who has over 10 years of Event/Conference/Wedding planning experience.  

Sarah has worked internationally as an Event Planner, with conference as and events taking her across Europe and Canada.  She has worked with weddings and events as small as 4 people all the way up to the largest medical conferences of 2000 delegates.  She can assist you with your planning needs, whether for an intimate gathering of lovebirds with close friends, to giant weddings or professional conferences, she can help you.

Her services can help you with every aspect from design, implementation, consultation, to helping you the day of with set up, coordination of vendors, and take down.

Contact Let me Knot for further information on how Sarah can help you, and to provide you with a quote for service.

Marriage Licenses

Sarah Kalnay-Watson is available to issue marriage licenses for individuals looking at getting married in the Northwest Territories.
In order to get a NWT Marriage License you will need to book an appointment with Sarah, these appointments are about half an hour in length.

The cost of a NWT Marriage License is $65.

For your appointment you will need to provide the following documents and information:

  1. Birth Certificate or Passport with legal names in them
  2. Full names of your parents at birth, as well as their birth places (if parents are known)
  3. Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate in the instance where an individual has been previously married.

Marriage Ceremony

No matter the race, religion, gender, or sexual preference, Sarah Kalnay-Watson is available to perform your ceremony.  The fee as set by the Government of the Northwest Territories to perform the legal ceremony for your marriage is $75.